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Adding Sites, Buildings, Building Sections, Rooms, And Functional Spaces

Published on 10/04/18 by

Organizations may be divided into sites, buildings, building sections, rooms, and functional spaces

Step 1

Go to Locations from the drop-down menu at the top, left.

Step 2

Select +New Site to add a site to your organization.

Step 3

Edit name, address, and access for this site. Click Create Site.

Step 4

Once a site is created, you may add buildings and building sections to the site by clicking +New Building/+New Building Section.

Step 5

Select +New Room/+New Functional Space to add a room or functional space (designated laboratory bench, microscopy room, reactor workroom, machine learning space, etc.) to your building.

Step 6

Equipment may also be added to a particular site, building, or room by clicking on the site, under the Equipment and Personnel tab. Another way to add equipment is by going into Equipment & Assets from the main drop-down menu and clicking +New.

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