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Personnel Management

Approve Member Requests

Published on 11/02/18 by

An important part of Personnel Management is the ability to approve new member requests to your Safety Spot site. Here is a brief tutorial explaining how a manager can approve member requests.

Step 1

A new member must go to your Safety Spot site and request to join your organization by clicking Request to Join from the landing page and filling out a short form.

Step 2

Once the request is sent, a manager may log into their organization and will see a notification on the circular, group icon in the upper, right corner.

Step 3

Click on this circular, group icon and go to Requests. You should see a number by Requests indicating that new members have sent requests to join this organization.

Step 4

At the very top of the Member Request page, you will see new requests in bold type. Now, you can choose to either accept or deny this membership request.

Step 5

After approving a member request, managers may also select 'edit profile' on the right to edit details about this member such as contact info, department, access type, and trainer status. Be sure to save changes to the member's profile.

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