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Bulk Member Upload

Published on 11/22/18 by

New to Personnel Management is the ability to bulk upload members to an organization.

Bulk uploading members

Step 1

Go to Personnel Management from the circular icon located in the top, right corner.

Step 2

Go to More and click Upload Bulk Member List

Step 3

Click Download Template

Step 4

This will take you to the Excel template. Fill in members' first and last name and email. Phone numbers are optional.

Step 5

Save the spreadsheet as a .CSV file

Step 6

Go back to Safety Spot and click Browse. Select the saved Excel file.

Step 7

Click Import CSV.

Step 8

To ensure the members have been added, go to Sort at the top, right corner. Select Newest First. This will reorder the list of members by putting the newly added members first.
You should see the new members you've added at the top of this list.

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