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Chemical Management

Chemical Search

Published on 08/06/18 by

Safety Spot users are able to search for chemicals in the chemical inventory by chemical name or cas#. The following illustrates the easiest way to do so.

Step 1

From the drop-down menu at the top-right corner, go to Chemical Management.

Step 2

To the right of the screen, find and click the Go to Chemical Inventory tab.

Step 3

Here you will see a search bar above the listed chemicals. You may search for a chemical by its name or cas#. As you type, chemicals matching the description will pop up.

chemsearch.gif will be rendered here

Search is also available when adding a chemical to the inventory. This way you are able to add a chemical by its cas#.

Step 1

Go to the chemical inventory by repeating steps 1 and 2 from above.

Step 2

From here, click Add Chemical from the menu bar at the top, left.

Step 3

Select the manufacturer of the chemical you are adding. Click next.

Step 4

Click Select Chemical Name and a search bar will appear right above this list of chemicals. Here you may also search by name or cas#.

Step 5

Once the desired chemical is found, select it and click create. From there you will be able to enter additional details about this chemical and save.

addchem1.gif will be rendered here