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Creating Merchant Accounts

Published on 01/25/19 by
Updated on 01/07/20.
Release 2

Merchant accounts allow trainers, manager, and administrators to charge and receive payment for trainings directly through the training center, instead of going through SafetySpot administrators. Training managers must set up a merchant account either as an individual or business, with a valid checking or Venmo account. All you will need is your information, or legal business information, and banking information.

Setting Up a Merchant Account

Note: You must have administrator privileges in your organization to activate Merchant Account.

Learn how to grant administrator privileges here:

Step 1

Click on the Organization icon on the top right and select your organization.

Step 2

Click on the settings link to open your organization settings.

Step 3

Click on the Merchant Account from the menu on the left and click the activate your merchant account link.

Step 4

Fill out the New Merchant Account form. You can select to either register as a company or as an individual.

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