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Custom Sub Domains: What’s Changing & Why

Published on 12/13/17 by
Updated on 07/03/18.

On Tuesday December 19, 2017, new custom sub domains for each organization are scheduled to go live. We want you to be aware of a minor change that Users may notice when they are signing in.

The simplest way to deal with this change is for users to always navigate to the custom sub domain URL for your organization when they want to sign in which takes them to a screen like the one below so they can proceed as usual. (This URL was sent to your account's Administrator earlier this week.)

Screenshot-2017-11-30-14.24... will be rendered here

Alternatively, users can receive a reminder showing the custom sub domain(s) for all organizations they are a member of.

Screenshot-2017-11-30-14.42... will be rendered here

And for people that want to request to join your Organization on Safety Spot but who don't get an invitation sent to them, all they have to do is enter your organization's custom domain "name" into the your-organization field of the landing page shown below. This screen is also where you can click to request a reminder. (Please note, if their organization is an affiliate under yours, they will need to enter the parent organization's custom domain "name".)

Screenshot 2017-11-28 13.30... will be rendered here

Once Users have done either of the above, they will then be taken to the sign in screen where they enter their username and password or can request a Safety Spot account at your Organization. This screen is almost identical to the current one except it will have the name (or logo if you so choose) of your organization displayed as shown.

Upon roll-out, the privacy settings for your organization will be set to a default that results in the options above. Your Organizations' Administrator(s) will be able to change these settings to allow for this sign-in screen to have additional options or fewer. Further, the Admin(s) will be able to upload their own logo file and change the background image.

One other change that Users might notice: If the User is a member of multiple Organizations, they will need to sign in to each organization through a sign in page that displays the name of the Organization. Once users are signed in through the Organization specific login page(s), they will remain signed in and able to switch between the organizations the same as they do now.

The implementation of custom sub domains on Safety Spot is both exciting and necessary. In addition to allowing for a more personalized user interface and on-boarding tailored to individual organizations, it also increases security significantly. Further, as Safety Spot continues to grow, the architecture of custom sub domains is more robust allowing for managers to have increased control over accounts and making possible systems for accurate and fast backup, restoration, and encryption.

At Safety Spot, we understand the importance of an inclusive community and we know that you feel the same regarding your community members. Please let us know of any thoughts you may have regarding this change. Feedback on new features and platform capabilities from our community are highly encouraged.

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