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Edit Training

Published on 01/25/19 by
Release 2

Editing trainings and training sessions

Step 1

Go to Training Center from the drop-down menu at the top, left.

Step 2

Go to Training Management

Step 3

Scroll to the training you'd like to edit and click Edit Training

Step 4

Here you can edit trainers for this course, visibility, change approval status, edit sessions, or make the course a paid or unpaid training.

edittrain.gif will be rendered here

Note: Why aren't students seeing my training? Be sure to make the lesson visible. This is an important step because you will not be able to make the training visible until there is at least one visible lesson. Click save.

vis2.gif will be rendered here

Once a training is complete, there are other modifications that can be made such as session, the option to charge for a training, and training sets. Here are some tutorials on how to complete these additional tasks:

Training Sessions:
Training Sets:
Paid Training: