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Equipment Management

Equipment Revervation Restrictions

Published on 10/12/18 by
Updated on 10/12/18.

A new feature allows managers to restrict the amount of time a piece of equipment is available for reservation.

Step 1

From the drop-down menu at the top, left corner, go to Equipment & Assets.

Step 2

Scroll and select the equipment you'd like to restrict.

Step 3

Click the blue gear settings button at the top, right corner.

Step 4

Select Reservation Restrictions from the menu on the left.

Step 5

Toggle select Reservation Restrictions ON.

Step 6

Now you will be able to set an allotted time for this equipment to be reserved. Enter the amount of time by minutes, hours, days, or months. Click update.

Step 7

Now when users schedule this equipment, there will be a message indicating that one hour (or the time chosen) is the maximum time allowed. If any time exceeding that is attempted, a message will appear alerting them of the maximum time allowed and prompt them to choose another time frame. Scheduling within this time frame will be accepted and added to the schedule.

EquipmentLimit.gif will be rendered here