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Generating Training Certificates

Published on 01/25/19 by
Updated on 01/07/20.
Release 2

Managers and users are now able to download a certification upon completion of a training. Certifications can be downloaded as a PDF and printed. Here are a few steps detailing how to generate and print Training Certificates.

Generating Training Certificates (for users)

Step 1

Go to the Training Center from the drop-down menu at the top, left corner.

Step 2

Click on the tab that says Your Training Certificates. Here you will find a list of all of your completed trainings.

Step 3

Click on the training in which you'd like to view and print your certificate.

Step 4

You will see your certificate come up as a PDF, and from this screen, you are able to print or save the certificate.

certnew.gif will be rendered here

Generating Multiple Training Certificates (for managers)

Step 1

Click on the round, gray, group icon in the upper, right corner.

Step 2

Go to Personnel Management.

Step 3

Click on More located to the far right.

Step 4

From the drop-down menu, select Download Training Certificates.

Step 5

You will be prompted to select the name(s) of the user(s) in which you'd like to generate certificates for.

Step 6

Click Get Certificates. Depending on the number of certificates the selected user has, you may be prompted to enter an email in which the certificates will be sent. The email will include a link to the PDF containing all of the user's training certificates. From here you may print or save the certificates.

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