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Published on 12/04/18 by
Updated on 01/07/20.

We've added a new feature to Safety Spot Training. Managers and trainers may now add prerequisites to a training. This will require users to complete listed prerequisites before enrollong in a training course.

Step 1

Go to the Training Center from the drop-down menu in the top, left corner.

Step 2

Go to Training Management.

Step 3

Scroll to the desired training, and click edit training. on the right.

Step 4

Scroll down to Prerequisites and toggle ON.

Step 5

Now, add the trainings you'd like to have as prerequisites for this training. Save.

Note Now when a user goes to enroll in this training, they will receive a pop-up message prompting them to complete the listed prerequisite trainings before enrolling.
The prerequisite trainings can also be seen when viewing the training's main page.

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