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Published on 01/24/19 by
Release 2

New Feature for Safety Shop

SafetySpot’s Safety Shop now has a new feature to make payments easier! Instead of re-entering your credit card information for each purchase made in the safety shop, customers now have the option to save payment methods for future purchases. Cards may now be stored in a virtual wallet after a payment is made.

New Feature FAQs

Can multiple cards be stored in the wallet?

Yes, multiple cards can be stored. Cards may be stored after a purchase, so as long as the card is used for a purchase it may be added to the wallet. A card will set as the default payment option, but this can be changed in the wallet settings.

Can I add a payment option without making a purchase?

No, a card may not be added directly to your wallet without using the card to make a purchase. The option to save the credit card information is included the checkout process.

Will my credit card information be stored automatically when I make a purchase?

No, your information is not saved automatically. There is a box (located at the bottom of the payment form) that must be checked in order to store your information. Customers also have the option of deleting a payment method from their wallet.

Using the Safety Spot Wallet

Click here for a more in-depth tutorial on how to use the Safety Spot’s new wallet feature!