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Teams: Certifications, Leads, And Bulletin + Guest Services

Published on 04/21/16 by
Updated on 07/03/18.
Release 1.2.0

Let's imagine for a second that you are a Manager at the FooBar Organization. As a manager, you probably have a team of employees; and as a manager, your job is to manage this team.

This is why we have included, as one of our core modules, the Team Management feature — let's take a quick overview on its functionality and how it could be used to serve your needs.

Creating a Team

To create a team, you must first have a Manager Account in the Organization (if you do not, you can send a request under Organization Settings). With a Manager Account, you should find the following form under Team Management:


After entering a name to create a Team, the next step is to Add Members:


And as simple as that the Team is complete! But before you go and create your teams, let's explore the different functionalities that we have included for Teams.

Team Settings

Firstly, you will notice the Navigation Menu on the left has a link to Certifications. This link will bring you the the Team's Certification Settings where you can assign any of the available certifications to your team.


Unless otherwise specified, all the Team Leads will receive notifications when a team member completes any of Team's Certifications.

Speaking of Team Leads, this is another feature available in the Team Settings view — you may add many Leads to your Team. This can be accomplished by clicking on the Members link:


Team Bulletin

We have also included the Bulletin feature for each Team. This is an easy and quick way to broadcast a message or an announcement to the entire team.


Guest Sign-in

Finally: This release includes the Guest Sign-in feature. Organizations can use it to keep track of guests; as well as presenting them with relevant information about the organization and waivers that might need to be signed.