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Published on 01/25/19 by
Updated on 01/07/20.
Release 2

New Feature for Training

SafetySpot has launched a new feature for the Training Center. Training managers may now group a number of trainings under one set for an organization. When going into the training manager to add a new training, there is now the option to add, or begin, a training set. From there individual trainings may be added. Training sets previously added, along with all of the lessons attached, may also be added to a new training set in its entirety. For example, if 3 lessons were added to a lab safety training set, this entire set including the 3 lessons can be added to a new hire training set, if needed.

New Feature FAQs

How many lessons can we put into one training set?

There is currently no limit on the number of trainings that may go into a set.

Are trainers able to view enrollment by training set?

Yes, there is an option to view enrollment under details of a training set.

When will I need to import a training set?

Importing training sets can be useful for different reasons. You may need to import a training set if some of the lessons required are the same for another training set. Also, for restricted access equipment, managers may import the entire training set needed for access to that equipment.

Using Training Sets

Follow this link for a more in-depth tutorial on how to use the Safety Spot’s new training feature!