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Update On Energizers/Smart Locks

Published on 04/13/18 by
Updated on 07/03/18.

After some recent testing of our connected devices, we found a couple of issues:

1) A simple error when using the Smart Lock is that when it is "open", the device pauses communication with our servers. This caused our servers to think the device is disconnected, although normal operation resumes after the device "closes". This has already fixed on our code base, a firmware update will put devices to the most updated firmware version.

2) A more complicated and irregular problem is a soft-restart of the device caused by a network connection error after prolonged use. Currently, the device simply restarts itself and reconnects to resume operation, but it is causing extra data to be sent as well as the device being unavailable for a few seconds every time it happens. A fix is being tested right now, once solved a firmware update will put all devices up to date.

Please feel free reach out with questions/concerns. We want to expose our devices to as much testing as possible in order to bring a more reliable product as quickly as we can.

Thank you,