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Using The Training Sessions Feature

Published on 01/24/19 by
Updated on 01/07/20.
Release 2

Getting Started with Sessions

To use the sessions feature, go into the training center and click on training management. Here is the list of your available trainings. Click on edit training for the training you'd like to add sessions to. At the bottom of the edit training screen is a toggle selection for sessions.

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Editing Sessions

Once sessions are turned on, you can click on the edit training sessions option. This is where sessions are added. You can add sessions by title, start date, and open or close a session.

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Enrolling in a Session

Now, when a student enrolls in a training course, they will be prompted to select a session. Notice the closed sessions do not appear.

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Managing Sessions

Now that there are users enrolled, trainers can go in and manage enrollment by session. Under the training manager, click on enrollment for the same training we added sessions to and enrolled in. This view will show enrollment for all sessions. The selection bar allows you to choose a specific session and view enrollment based on session.

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From the list of enrolled participants, managers may click on view details to view and change the enrolled session of a select student.

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