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Using The Wallet Feature

Published on 01/24/19 by
Release 2

Safety Spot’s new wallet feature

Located at the bottom of the payment information form, there is the option to save your credit card information to a virtual wallet that may be used for quick, 2-click purchases in the future. Check this box only if you want your payment information saved.

walletfeature.png will be rendered here

Once a card is saved to the wallet, it will become the default payment method for future purchases. After selecting the address for your order, your default card will appear, so you simply have to click Place Order.

stored_cards_order.png will be rendered here

Storing cards in the wallet

Please note that cards are not stored across organizations; only within the organization in which the purchase was made, will your credit card information be stored. If storing multiple cards, the first card used is automatically set as your default card. Your default card may be changed by going into settings>payment methods, or clicking the Open Wallet option.

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