Personnel Management

Assign Required Training

Published on 06/27/17 by
Updated on 10/26/18.

A key feature of the Safety Spot platform is the Training Center. Trainers can add and manage training lessons. Managers can assign required training in five ways. Required training can be assigned to individual members, or by team, organization, access level, and department.

Assign Training to Individual Members

Step 1

Start by clicking on the circular group icon at the top, right corner of the screen.

Step 2

Go to Personnel Management

Step 3

Click on the name of the user in which you'd like to assign a training.

Step 4

Go to the trainings tab, then select a training from the drop down bar, and click assign. This adds the training you selected to this individual's required trainings.

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Assign Training by Team

Step 1

From the menu on the left of the screen, go to the Community Center.

Step 2

In the Community Center, select the team in which you'd like to assign a training.

Step 3

Go to the Required Training tab and click edit.

Step 4

Select a training from the drop-down box to assign to this team, and click assign. This training is now a required training for all individuals on this team.

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Assign Training by Organization

Step 1

Start out by c...



Adding Trainers & Requiring Approval

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Updated on 11/06/18.

An important feature of the Training Management tool is being able to add trainers to trainings. Now when managers go in to edit or create a new training, they are able to add trainers. Managers are also able to select whether a training requires approval.

Adding Trainers

Step 1

Go to the Training Center from the drop-down menu at the top, left corner.

Step 2

Go to Training Management.

Step 3

Select the training in which you’d like to add a trainer, and click edit training, or click ‘add new’ to create a new training. Now we’re editing or creating a training.

Step 4

Scroll past the title, description and time of the training, and you will see a drop box in which to select and add trainers. Be sure to save this change.

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Requiring Approval

Also on this form, you will see where we can toggle select whether we want to require approval for this course. Once this change is saved, you will see that approval is required for enrolling in this course.

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Safety Shop

Using New Wallet Feature

Published on 06/01/17 by
Updated on 07/03/18.

Safety Spot’s new wallet feature

Located at the bottom of the payment information form, there is the option to save your credit card information to a virtual wallet that may be used for quick, 2-click purchases in the future. Check this box only if you want your payment information saved.

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Once a card is saved to the wallet, it will become the default payment method for future purchases. After selecting the address for your order, your default card will appear, so you simply have to click Place Order.

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Storing cards in the wallet

Please note that cards are not stored across organizations; only within the organization in which the purchase was made, will your credit card information be stored. If storing multiple cards, the first card used is automatically set as your default card. Your default card may be changed by going into settings>payment methods, or clicking the Open Wallet option.

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