Customizing Organization Logo And Background Image

Published on 07/27/18 by

Organizations on Safety Spot now have the ability to customize their own logo and background image! This feature is accessible to organization admin only.

Step 1:

To begin, go to your organization's main page.

Step 2:

Click on Settings in the top, right corner.

Step 3:

From the menu on the left, go to Images.

Step 4:

Here you can upload your Organization's logo from your computer's files as well as a background image for your organization's login page, or choose from the preloaded background image samples.

customlogo.gif will be rendered here


Personnel Management

Shareable Visitor Check In Link

Published on 07/25/18 by

Here is a short tutorial on how to generate the visitor check-in link.

Step 1

Go to Personnel Management.

Step 2

Click on Visitors.

Step 3

Go to New Visitor in the far-right corner.

Step 4

Choose desired location.

Step 5

From here, the sharable link will be generated and can be shared directly via email, or copied and pasted.

shareable link.gif will be rendered here


Below is the form visitors will be taken to via the shareable link.

6.png will be rendered here


Training Center

Transferred Training Credentials

Published on 07/13/18 by
Updated on 01/07/20.

When a user navigates from one organization to another one, their training credentials from the previous organization will transfer over to the new organization as their personal Safety Spot account holds all of their training which carries over from organization to organization. Below is an example of a user switching from the University organization to the LACI organization, showing their training certifications are still in place.

Step 1:

Go to Training Center and view your Training Certificates.

Step 2:

From the top menu, switch the organization you are logged into, or request to join a new organization if needed.

Step 3:

Go back to the Training Center and view the Training Certificates; you will see the same certificates have transferred when you log into a new organization.

ttransfer.gif will be rendered here

It is also possible for trainers and managers to make trainings available for different organizations. Below is an example of how a trainer may make a training available to another organization.

Step 1:

Go to the Training Center.

Step 2:

Go to Training Management, the blue box in the top, right corner.

Step 3:

Select a training.

Step 4:

Go to Settings.

Step 5:

At the top, right corner click Add Organization.

Step 6:

From here, you may send the training to another organization as well as view o...



Update On Energizers/Smart Locks

Published on 04/13/18 by

After some recent testing of our connected devices, we found a couple of issues:

1) A simple error when using the Smart Lock is that when it is "open", the device pauses communication with our servers. This caused our servers to think the device is disconnected, although normal operation resumes after the device "closes". This has already fixed on our code base, a firmware update will put devices to the most updated firmware version.

2) A more complicated and irregular problem is a soft-restart of the device caused by a network connection error after prolonged use. Currently, the device simply restarts itself and reconnects to resume operation, but it is causing extra data to be sent as well as the device being unavailable for a few seconds every time it happens. A fix is being tested right now, once solved a firmware update will put all devices up to date.

Please feel free reach out with questions/concerns. We want to expose our devices to as much testing as possible in order to bring a more reliable product as quickly as we can.

Thank you,




Custom Sub Domains: What’s Changing & Why

Published on 12/13/17 by
Updated on 07/03/18.

On Tuesday December 19, 2017, new custom sub domains for each organization are scheduled to go live. We want you to be aware of a minor change that Users may notice when they are signing in.

The simplest way to deal with this change is for users to always navigate to the custom sub domain URL for your organization when they want to sign in which takes them to a screen like the one below so they can proceed as usual. (This URL was sent to your account's Administrator earlier this week.)

Screenshot-2017-11-30-14.24... will be rendered here

Alternatively, users can receive a reminder showing the custom sub domain(s) for all organizations they are a member of.

Screenshot-2017-11-30-14.42... will be rendered here

And for people that want to request to join your Organization on Safety Spot but who don't get an invitation sent to them, all they have to do is enter your organization's custom domain "name" into the your-organization field of the landing page shown below. This screen is also where you can click to request a reminder. (Please note, if their organization is an affiliate under yours, they will need to enter the parent organization's custom domain "name".)

![Screenshot 2017-11-28 13.30... will be rendered...


Equipment Management

Safetyspot.Com Welcomes Csu La To Our Family Of Innovative Universities That Put Safety First!

Published on 08/29/17 by
Updated on 07/03/18.
Release v.1

CSU-LA is known for their hydrogen station and fuel cell cars. CSU-LA was the first hydrogen station in California to be certified to sell fuel to the public. welcomes CSU-LA to our family of innovative and complex facilities that put safety first!

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Teams: Certifications, Leads, And Bulletin + Guest Services

Published on 04/21/16 by
Updated on 07/03/18.
Release 1.2.0

Let's imagine for a second that you are a Manager at the FooBar Organization. As a manager, you probably have a team of employees; and as a manager, your job is to manage this team.

This is why we have included, as one of our core modules, the Team Management feature — let's take a quick overview on its functionality and how it could be used to serve your needs.

Creating a Team

To create a team, you must first have a Manager Account in the Organization (if you do not, you can send a request under Organization Settings). With a Manager Account, you should find the following form under Team Management:


After entering a name to create a Team, the next step is to Add Members:


And as simple as that the Team is complete! But before you go and create your teams, let's explore the different functionalities that we have included for Teams.

Team Settings

Firstly, you will notice the Navigation Menu on the left has a link to Certifications. This link will bring you the the Team's Certification Settings where you can assign any of the available certifications to your team.


Unless otherwise specified, all the Team Leads will receive notifications when a team member completes any of Team's Certifications.

Speaking of Team Leads, this is ano...


Multiple Memberships, Notifications And More

Published on 03/27/16 by
Updated on 07/03/18.
Release 1.1.0

Safety Spot is releasing version 1.1.0 and we are very excited to launch the following features.


Users can join multiple Organizations

We are introducing the ability for users to join several organizations using the same account; there's a couple of ways to do that. In Account Settings, there is now a dropdown that allows users to send a request to become a member an Organization, even after the user is already member of one:

You may have also noticed the new Organizations Dropdown in the Navigation bar. Users can use this to quickly send a request or switch between the Organizations they already belong to.

We hope this feature will allow users to seamlessly switch between organizations and eliminate the need to create a different account for each one.


Keeping Users informed

With this release, we are also introducing Notifications. Users will now get notified when they have been added to an organization, when they are given a Manager Role, and many more actions that are relevant to the user. When notifications are sent, the user will see a number on the top navigation bar corresponding to the number of new notifications.


This feature has enormous potential and will be expanded as Safety Spot grows.

Name Input

Users can eas...